My whole life is focused on making sure my kids are happy and healthy and supporting others as they journey through parenting. My house may not always be the cleanest (ahem, with four kids I do find remnants of snacks under chairs that I didn’t know were there!), but I do pride myself in making their environment, their rooms, barring the pirate’s bootie under the sheets, as healthy for my kids to be in as possible.

So you can imagine my surprise when Tracy Griffiths mentioned that a number of homes, and those inside the homes, breathe dirty air. Dirty air? I had thought about the air quality outside of the apartments on the busy streets of Manhattan, but not about the inside air quality out in the rolling Hampton Dunes.

No worries, the East End has a clean inside air champion. Tracy Griffiths and his Quality Air Care team clean the air ducts in many homes in the Hamptons and surrounding areas and make sure that their clients (like Molly Sims) breathe beautifully clean air. Molly and I now know all about clean air in the home, and so should you. If you are in the Hamptons, North Fork, Long Island’s Gold Coast, or spend much time in any of those beautiful places, you can talk to Tracy about breathing clean air in your home.

With so much to take care of as parents, we don’t much think about the air quality in our children’s room, especially when it’s a really nice room, in a really nice house, with really nice air vents! We take for granted that clean homes mean clean air. However, what we often overlook is the quality of that air even if it is pumped out at the correct temperature.

That’s right, it’s obvious but easily overlooked. The fact is that what’s in your air ducts will affect the quality of the air that you and your children are breathing. We are not just talking fresh air or slightly fresh air, we are talking air that can actually make our kids sick and exacerbate existing allergies.

Having a child with asthma, I can tell you how close to my heart this is and how important quality air is to the health and wellbeing of my kids. The thing about air duct cleaning however, as gung-ho as you may be, it’s just not one of those things you can grab a step ladder and take care of yourself on a rainy night. Nor is it something that should only be done once when you first move into a house. Plus, if you spend a lot of time at a grandparents house or vacation home, the quality of those air ducts are also very important and maybe not something you have thought about lately, as you are not there all the time.

Tracy Griffiths, husband, father, and proprietor of Quality Air Care Cleaning Services, loves to clean. He told me so himself! But more than that, he likes to take care of people and touch their lives. There are many ways we can care for and improve our community. Enabling neighbors to breathe quality air is how Tracy helps his.

If you have a home or spend time out east, and you are even wondering when the last time your air ducts were cleaned I suggest you give Tracy a call. Let’s face it, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there and I think we can all agree nothing is more important than the health and well being of our little ones. So, with Tracy’s help, instead of wondering how healthy your home’s air is, you will be able to answer with confidence and HEALTH of course!

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