At Quality Air Care, we’re committed to the safety of both our clients and team members during this challenging time.

The goal of our Safety & Continuity plan is to ensure that we are able to remain fully operational during this period, without compromising safety. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve implemented some adjustments to reflect that mission in light of the developing circumstances.

Our teams will continue to serve you and your properties to ensure that the air you breath is clear of contaminants and harmful pathogens.

Some steps we’ve taken include:

  • Our employees will go out of their way to have safe interactions with our clients by eliminating physical interaction, and ensuring an appropriate distance during the cleaning process
  • Daily cleaning and disinfectant schedules for all trucks and equipment
  • Distribution of disinfectant, sanitizer, and disposable gloves in every work vehicle
  • Work from home opportunities for those team members who are able
  • Both our offices have been temporarily closed to the public

If you have any additional questions, we’re here to be a resource to you.  We will keep you updated as we continue to be proactive through this rapidly changing situation.

The QAC Team