Making a house a home is always an on-going process. A new kitchen, a redesigned bathroom or updated flooring are nearly always on the list of things to do.

And while home improvement projects are great, dust generated from these projects can severely compromise the air quality of your home. It’s important to follow a few simple steps to control dust and debris during construction, so you can continue to breathe easy and clear!

Air Ventilation

Make sure that you’re opening windows and using fans to push dust and other contaminants out of your home. In addition, you’ll want to make sure that you have adequate air flow to prevent harmful paint and varnish fumes from being trapped inside.

Isolate Work Area

Use tape and plastic tarps to keep all contaminants inside the work area. Make sure to cover doorways, and use doorway zippers to prevent dust and debris from escaping to other parts of your home.

Close Vents

Avoid running your HVAC system while construction is underway. The air flow from your system can push dust and other contaminants throughout your home. Make sure your vents in the work area are closed to prevent dirt and debris from entering the system.

Cut Wood Outdoors

If your project requires cutting boards / wood, make sure to do it outside if possible. Sawdust can be a nightmare to contain and clean, so keeping inside cutting to a minimum will help make cleaning up easier.