As the leaves begin to fall, your outdoor cushions and umbrellas need cleaning!

The combination of rain, mild temperatures, and falling leaves mean your outdoor cushions and umbrellas will become the perfect place for mold to grow. Mold never sleeps, and it will take hold of your favorite outdoor cushions with a vengeance.

What about your favorite umbrellas? You know, the ones that shade you, your family and guests for those great pool-side lunches and barbecues. Wet leaves and blowing pollen and dirt will provide mold’s favorite combination of conditions.

You paid plenty for your patio and poolside furniture, and it looks great. Why let mold and dirt make it old and unappealing way before its time? Well, there is no good reason, once you know that QAC will clean your outdoor cushions and umbrellas right there at your home.

If you prefer, our trained QAC team will also remove and clean those cushions at our facilities, and store them for the winter. Either way, your beautiful outdoor cushions and umbrellas will thank you. So will your family and guests!

QAC uses Cal-Brite to Clean your Outdoor Cushions and Umbrellas!

Yes, QAC has the exclusive rights to use Cal-Brite to clean your cushions and umbrellas. Created by Caltex International, Cal-Brite is environmentally safe and USDA approved. You, your family, and guests will appreciate Cal-Brite being non-toxic, biodegradable, and organic. Better yet, Cal-Brite works great. QAC uses the Caltex International mold removal and remediation in basements, attics, and everywhere mold grows.

Winter is coming, so don’t wait!

QAC is a phone call away at  631-329-5764. We are ready to come right to your house, give you a free estimate, and ensure you have clean outdoor cushions and umbrellas, ready for next season.