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Your Beautiful Healthy Home

You want a healthy home, but the pollen, dust, dander, and soil that gets tracked inside every time you open the door makes it difficult. So, here are 5 reasons you’ll love Tracy Griffiths’ Quality Air Care 1. Healthier home. Your family’s health is our #1 concern. You’ll have the healthiest cleaning possible with the most state-of-the-art equipment. With QAC, you will have a healthy home! 2. Sparkling clean. Yes, we clean it all. We can take care of everything from carpet cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, air duct cleaning, area [...]

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Is Your Old Blown Insulation Moldy? Not if QAC can help it!

Is your old blown insulation moldy? Hi Folks, Tracy here to talk to you about old moldy blown insulation, and why you don’t want it hanging around. You probably know that the Quality Air Care (QAC) team is expert at mold removal. Right here, you can see photos of many of the places mold might grow in your home, and how our Caltex International mold removal system will set things right. Mold Loves Crumbly Old Blown Insulation What you might not know is that old blown insulation in your home is a perfect [...]

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Look out For Mold Because Mold Never Sleeps

Why should you look out for mold? Hi friends, it’s Tracy here. After the cool and crisp weekend we just enjoyed,  you are probably thinking you don’t have to look out for mold anymore.  But this morning it is drizzling again and  last week was sticky and humid, just like we were back in August. Guess what? Sticky, humid weather is perfect for mold to get a foothold in your basement. You probably thought that mold went out of your life with the crowds of summer, but unfortunately, that is [...]

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QAC Cleans Your Chimney with Our Modern Trucks

QAC Cleans Your Chimney with Our Modern Trucks When QAC cleans your chimney our modern trucks vacuums your soot away! One of these beautiful, powerful, and capable trucks are only a phone call away. Imagine one of them keeping your chimney clean and safe! With our new state of the art chimney cleaning system your chimney soot disappears! When was the last time you thought about chimney cleaning? Your chimney needs yearly inspection and cleaning to keep your family safe and your home’s heating system working efficiently. QAC cleans your [...]

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Removing Your Air Duct Dirt

Where does that big yellow vacuum hose and all that air duct dirt go? The answer is simple! All of the air duct dirt removed by the QAC team travels through that big yellow vacuum hose, right into our custom Peterbilt truck. As you watch the slide show, notice that QAC protects your home while it cleans your air ducts. Our crew of QAC expert technicians know how to get the job done right, and leave no trace of their visit. We take pride in how we deliver our service, [...]

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Safety & Continuity: A Message to Our Clients

At Quality Air Care, we’re committed to the safety of both our clients and team members during this challenging time. The goal of our Safety & Continuity plan is to ensure that we are able to remain fully operational during this period, without compromising safety. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve implemented some adjustments to reflect that mission in light of the developing circumstances. ADJUSTMENTS TO OUR OPERATION Our teams will continue to serve you and your properties to ensure that the air you breath is clear of contaminants [...]

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We Find and Clean Dirty Air Ducts

Dirty Air Ducts are Disgusting! Watch what happens when your QAC team finds dirty air ducts and cleans them. QAC’s whip gets results! Want to see more? Watch this… QAC is careful in your home Do your ducts look like this?

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Upholstery Cleaning

If your upholstery or drapery aren’t as clean as they used to be, there is a solution. You can receive high quality on-site upholstery and drapery cleaning from Quality Air Care! Here at Quality Air Care, your upholstery will first be pre-tested for colorfastness to determine how it should be cleaned. Then, once it is cleaned, Scotchgard™ fabric protector can be applied to keep your upholstery looking beautiful. Thanks to our skill, experience, and process, you can get excellent cleaning results on: All types of drapery Mattresses, upholstered frames, and [...]

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Water Damage

No one ever wants or expects a flood, and all of the water damage that comes with it, to affect their home. Luckily, if and when water collects in your where it doesn’t belong, our water damage restoration technicians are ready to help. Here at Quality Air Care, our team of experts knows what to do to minimize the water damage and maximize the likelihood that you, your family, and your home are spared from the lingering effects of mold and water damage. We handle all steps of water damage [...]

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Your Outdoor Cushions and Umbrellas Need Cleaning

As the leaves begin to fall, your outdoor cushions and umbrellas need cleaning! The combination of rain, mild temperatures, and falling leaves mean your outdoor cushions and umbrellas will become the perfect place for mold to grow. Mold never sleeps, and it will take hold of your favorite outdoor cushions with a vengeance. What about your favorite umbrellas? You know, the ones that shade you, your family and guests for those great pool-side lunches and barbecues. Wet leaves and blowing pollen and dirt will provide mold’s favorite combination of conditions. You paid [...]

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