Why should you look out for mold?

Hi friends, it’s Tracy here. After the cool and crisp weekend we just enjoyed,  you are probably thinking you don’t have to look out for mold anymore.  But this morning it is drizzling again and  last week was sticky and humid, just like we were back in August. Guess what? Sticky, humid weather is perfect for mold to get a foothold in your basement. You probably thought that mold went out of your life with the crowds of summer, but unfortunately, that is just not true. You still need to look out for mold, and get rid of it before it spreads!

Where should you look out for mold?

Mold loves to grow in damp humid places where the temperature is right, and there are plenty of nutrients around. Which part of your home might be damp and full of humid air? Your basement might be after a week like we just had. Is the temperature just right for mold? Mold likes cool dark places, just like your basement. What about those nutrients? Mold finds a good meal in the dust and dirt present in almost every basement. Did I mention your basement? Mold is no slouch. With the right conditions, like the ones we have after last week’s humidity, it might be a good idea to take a look around.

look out for mold - QAC Flood Remediation

If your basement looks anything like the picture on your left, you know you are going to have mold problems. But it doesn’t take a flood to invite mold to grow in your basement. If you see anything like the photos in our Nasty Mold Image Gallery,contact us right away!


Look out for mold on baseboards

Look out for mold on walls

Look out for mold on basement walls

Look out for mold on basement steps

What should you do if you look out for mold and you find it?

Once mold gets going like these pictures show, you will need help right away. Contact us and ourQAC Mold Removal team will get your home clean and healthy again. Mold is nasty! Don’t mess with it yourself and take the chance of getting sick from inhaling it, or from developing an allergic reaction. We are professionals, and have the tools, technology, and training to take care of your mold safely.

Mold grows quicker than you think!

In the time it took me to write this, and you to read it, the mold in your home is on the march. The good news is that your QAC team is ready to help. Give us a call at 631-329-5764 and your mold will be history.