Is your old blown insulation moldy?

Hi Folks, Tracy here to talk to you about old moldy blown insulation, and why you don’t want it hanging around. You probably know that the Quality Air Care (QAC) team is expert at mold removal. Right here, you can see photos of many of the places mold might grow in your home, and how our Caltex International mold removal system will set things right.

Mold Loves Crumbly Old Blown Insulation

QAC removes moldy old blown insulationWhat you might not know is that old blown insulation in your home is a perfect place for mold to grow. It only takes three things for mold to get a foothold in there. If you have the right temperature, some moisture, and something nutritious for mold to eat, it will grow. Mold grows in the same temperature range that you and l like, and our East End weather makes moist conditions almost a certainty, so that leaves nutrients. QAC removes moldy old blown insulationYour old blown insulation contains just the sort of food that mold enjoys… dust, dirt, and similar contaminants that make a terrific meal for mold. If that blown insulation was added years ago when Urea-Formaldehyde insulation was popular, it is probably crumbly, and makes a great place for mold to grow. It also means that the insulation is no longer insulating. Its work life has ended. Well, I guess that was the bad news.

QAC will remove your moldy old blown insulation in a jiffy

QAC vacuum truck removes moldy old blown insulationNow, here is the good news. The very same air duct trucks we use to suck all the air duct dirt from your home can also suck out all that moldy old blown insulation. Under the control of our expert QAC team members, our truck’s powerful vacuum pump will pull that old insulation right out. One big source of mold in your healthy home will have disappeared.

At QAC, we are ready to come right to your home and give you an estimate for removing that old, moldy, useless insulation. Why wait? You, your family, and your guests deserve a clean, healthy mold-free home. QAC is ready to help. Call us today, at 631-329-5764 to make an appointment