It’s Tracy here, wishing you a happy fall 2013. I can’t believe that our wonderful summer has ended. Fall’s arrival made me think back to all of the fun we enjoyed in summer. I’ll bet your home was as busy as ours, with family and guests enjoying the pool, going to the beach, and running all over our beautiful East End, day and evening.

QAC Dryer Vent CleaningWith all of our friends and family coming and going, and all the sea and sand they brought home, our laundry room was working non-stop. The humid weather we had meant that our dryer never got a break. Sheets, towels, tee-shirts… you name it, we dried it. Guess what all that drying produced? Lint, that’s what! Where does that lint go? When you run your dryer, some of the lint gets caught in the dryer’s lint trap, and some of the highly flammable lint ends up in your dryer vent. That could cause you a big hot problem.

When you don’t get the lint out…

It is easy to forget that your drier vent could be full of lint. Perhaps you noticed it was taking longer for your clothes to dry, or the clothes came out hotter than usual. Those are signs of a dryer vent clogged with lint.According to this recent fire safety report, it looks like folks forgot to get the lint out about 2,900 times in the last few years.  Here are the key findings of this report. Notice that the fire incidence is highest in the fall and winter months.

get the lint out

Look…most of the fires happened in one or two family homes, just like yours and mine.  

get the lint out

That is the bad news. The good news is that you can save yourself from becoming a dryer vent fire statistic very easily. Just call us at (631) 329-5764, and QAC will get the lint out.  Dryer vent fires are serious, and you can read the whole FEMA report I’ve sited, right here.

Let’s all have a safe and happy fall, and enjoy our beautiful East End. Let’s not spoil things with a needless dryer vent fire, when it is so easy to have QAC get the lint out.