Summer is finally here, and you’ve got the AC cranking to help combat those hot days and muggy nights.

But the heat isn’t the only thing that jumps in the summer time, so does your electricity usage! But you might not need quite as much juice as you think – following a few simple tips may help you cool-off those hefty utility bills:

Check or replace your AC filter

When was the last time you checked your AC filter? It’s important to take the time to check your filter, see if it needs to be changed or cleaned. The less barriers between your home and cold flowing air is better. If your AC unit is dirty or clogged it will work harder which will increase usage and bills. Also, nobody wants dirty air flowing throughout their home!

Use a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats will allow you to automate the temperature in your home, adjusting based on time of day or other preferences. You can also adjust the temp when you’re away from home, preventing your system from running unnecessarily. This all helps avoid wasteful and unnecessary cooling. Smart thermostats use less energy which reduces your carbon footprint and saves the environment while saving money.

Set Up Climate Zones / Close Off Unused Spaces

Research how to use your thermostat to set up cooling zones in your home. There’s no point of air conditioning a room or section of your house that nobody uses. Close off vents to un used spaces, and shut the doors to prevent unnecessary cooling. This will prevent your AC unit from doing unnecessary work. It can also help keep the areas you DO want cool, even cooler!