Home is a place where you can unwind and feel most comfortable. Some people wear masks all day while at work, or in the least, when they’re inside of a public building.

When arriving at home, that first relaxing exhale feels extra refreshing without a mask. Here are some ways to breathe easier in your home while minimizing allergy and asthma symptoms.

Invest in a dehumidifier
Dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and reduce humidity. If humidity levels are over 50% then it allows mold and mildew to grow more rapidly.

Make Vacuuming A Weekly Chore
This is especially important for pet owners. Air circulates through your home 5-7 times per day. If pet hair and dust are getting pulled into air ducts, the quality of air in your home decreases. Be sure to pay close attention to vacuuming furniture and carpets.

Wash Your Bedding & Curtains Frequently
Sheets and curtains can accumulate dust mites, which take away from your fresh air intake. Dust can cause allergy flair ups and those symptoms are very unpleasant and harmful to overall your health.

Use Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products
Eco-Friendly cleaning products are worth your investment because do not have harmful chemicals. There are also fewer risks associated with these products accidentally making contact with your eyes, nose, or mouth but still should not be ingested. These products are also versatile because they can clean most surfaces in your home without damaging them.

Keep Pollen Outside
It is best to avoid allowing pollen into your home at its peak seasons. Keep your windows closed during these times and remove your shoes upon entering your home. Another helpful tip is to empty your vacuum outside so the dust doesn’t recirculate through the air in your home.

Use a Damp Cloth When Wiping Down Surfaces
By using a damp cloth, you are able to trap dust and not allow it to get in the air that you are purifying. The key is to eliminate the dust and not allow it to be airborne.

By following these 6 easy steps in addition to having a professional maintain your air ducts, you will notice that allergy season doesn’t have to be so tough after all. Give us a call at Quality Air Care to schedule an appointment to help keep the air you breathe clean and healthy.