Your home’s air quality is more important now than ever during these times, here are 6 easy to remember tips to keep your home clean and safe for your family and guests.

Remember to Change Your Filters
Set a reminder on your calendar or on your phone to check your homes filter monthly or everyday 30 days. A great tip is to hold the filter up to the light and if you can’t see through it, chances are that is a sign to change it out!

Make Your Own Air Fresheners, Avoid Synthetic Sprays
We all love our homes smelling good and fresh, but little do most know is that many candles and fragrance air fresheners are actually harmful to our homes indoor air quality.

So what now?

  • Use soy based candles
  • Make your own essential oil air fresheners
  • Choose “fragrance-free cleaning products”

Air Out and Open Your Windows
Exchange the stale air in your home with fresh air by simply just opening your windows once a day. This little act will do wonders to your home. Plus, who doesn’t love fresh air and sunshine coming into your home? Especially during the Spring and Summer!

Don’t Track Into Your Home, Take off Your Shoes
Our shoes track everything and we do not often clean them, so be mindful that you may be tracking unwanted debris into your home through your shoes that can reside within your carpets and flooring.

Tip: Practice having a front entrance shoe rack for your family and guests.

Vacuum at least Twice a Week
Carpets tend to store allergens and they also happen to be in areas of the home with the highest foot traffic. So remember to vacuum as much as you can during the week.

To start a routine think about vacuuming Monday to start a fresh week and Friday in preparation for the weekend!

Have Your Air Ducts Professionally Cleaned
Your HVAC system is one of the most important aspects of your home’s air quality because it circulates the air throughout your home multiple times a day. If you check your filters and see a small lining of dust build up in your vents, chances are it’s time for a professional cleaning!

To keep those in your house safe by breathing in clean healthy air, you should always remember to schedule appointments with the friendly and experienced staff at Quality Air Care to take a thorough cleaning to your air duct systems.