Right now, many of you are home self-quarantining and looking for projects to occupy the time and stay busy. Although many of us dread the task of a nice deep cleaning of our homes, it may be the absolute best thing for you and your family at this time.

Because we are all more conscious than ever when it comes to having a clean environment, we thought that sharing some thorough and helpful spring cleaning tips will make this process easier and give yourself peace of mind for you and your home.

Create a Game Plan  

A deep spring cleaning is meant to tackle every inch of your home from behind the living room TV to the guest room shower. To ensure there are no oversights during this annual spring cleaning, you should always have a “cleaning game plan”. Writing down a list of all the rooms in your home and the order in which you want to clean them, will ensure no oversights or missed important tasks!

Clear the Cobwebs & Dust 

An easy oversight that most forget is the small unseen areas where dust and cobwebs reside (fans, lights, corners, shelves, windows). Let’s face it, “out of sight, out of mind” is a legitimate thing and we are all guilty of forgetting these areas, however, we all need to remember that dust travels downward (gravity), so remember to always dust the room first from top to bottom before vacuuming and tackling your other cleaning essentials for that room!

Don’t Forget the Upholstery

A true spring deep cleaning will always include your furniture and carpets. From your couch to your favorite area rug, a true shampooing of these pieces will not only give a fresh scent to your home, but also help with the longevity of your most valued pieces in your home that you use every single day!

Tackling the Kitchen

Nothing feels better than a clean kitchen, make sure you take your time in this room of the house and really tackle those appliances that I am sure your household uses everyday. Some essentials are degreasing the oven, cleaning the grime inside your microwave, and diving into that refrigerator to clear out the shelves and washing them down. This is also a perfect time to shed not only food in your refrigerator or pantry, but also any Tupperware or extra plates/pans that you may not use. A clean and organized kitchen is truly one of the best feelings.

Last, but not least: Your Indoor Air Quality 

This area of the home is something we never see, but is so vital to our health. Besides the basics of remembering to use HEPA filter vacuums and regularly airing out your home by opening windows, an easy oversight is having your home’s air duct systems cleaned out. To keep those in your house safe by breathing in clean healthy air, you should always remember to schedule appointments with the friendly and experienced staff at Quality Air Care to take a thorough cleaning to your air duct systems.