Carpet Cleaning

You won’t see those spots again!

At Quality Air Care (QAC), we understand how important your family’s health is to you.

Here are some of the benefits of our carpet cleaning system:

Kills dust mites, bacteria and what they live on

Removes pollutants from your home

Extracts allergy causing pollen and spores

Refreshes carpet texture and enhances traffic lanes

Prolongs carpet life

Improves softness, fluffiness, and appearance

Washes out water soluble soils

Brightens colors

Flushes out odor sources

We never use harmful chemicals so your carpet is safe for family, kids, pets, and the environment!

Here is how our QAC carpet cleaning process works:

Your carpet’s dry soil is removed with our powerful truck-mounted vacuum system. This way, as much of the dry soil possible will be removed BEFORE cleaning.

We pre-treat any spots such as gum, grease, tar, wax, shoe polish, asphalt, and other soils with one of our select professional-grade spotters.

our home is protected with corner guards, placed around corners, to protect wall edges and mats to help keep your home safe.

We wear booties over our shoes to prevent us from accidentally tracking outside soil into your home.

Your carpet is thoroughly rinsed with hot water from our truck mounted steam machine.

We extract the dirty water into a tank in our van.

Your carpet is left as dry as possible, fresh and clean.

See The Difference We Make