Clean your chimney!

Hello friends, it’s Tracy with some heartfelt advice for you. It is time to clean your chimney! Of course, we just had the most beautiful Indian summer week I can remember. It sure was warm and sunny. You probably opened all the windows in the house, or even switched on the A/C to cool off. I’ll bet the last thing you thought of was when to clean your chimney. Unfortunately, our beautiful weather will eventually head south, leaving us with cold blustery weather. What happens then?

Your furnace needs you to clean your chimney!

clean your chimney

Good guess… you turn on your heating system. Chances are good that your heater burns oil or gas. The furnace produces combustion gasses that must find a safe way out of your house. That is what your chimney does for you.

If you don’t clean your chimney it will become coated with soot produced as a result of burning fossil fuels.  As the chimney becomes clogged with soot, your furnace’s efficiency goes down, and you will waste costly fuel.



Your fireplace needs you to clean your chimney!

The problem is even worse if you use a wood burning stove or fireplace frequently. Eventually, your chimney will clean your chimneybecome coated with creosote. Creosote is a sticky oily material that comes from burning wood. This sticky stuff covers the walls of your chimney, and gums up your chimney’s flue. That’s bad enough, but the real kicker is that creosote is highly flammableYes, inside your chimney, creosote can burn like mad. One little hot cinder or bit of ash could set the whole mess on fire, and there goes your beautiful home.

When you clean your chimney you protect your family

clean your chimney

It looks like many other homeowners weren’t thinking about having their home’s chimney cleaned. Sadly, some of them became statistics. Look at some numbers developed by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission about home fires.

Look up at the middle row, listing Fireplace, Chimney, and Chimney connector fires. Yes, an average of over 24,000 home fires due to chimney related causes! You don’t want to be one of those counted in these statistics. What’s even worse is that most chimney fires are preventable with a clean chimney. Here are some more statistics about those chimney fires.

Chimney Fires Ruin Lives

Chimney fires don’t just ruin homes, they ruin lives. An average of 10 people per year lose their lives in chimney-related fires. Look at the following chart and see for yourself!

clean your chimney


We don’t want you to be in that number, and all you need to do to avoid being a statistic is to clean your chimney!

QAC is ready to clean your chimney.

clean your chimneyOf course we are trained chimney cleaners using the most modern equipment to clean your chimney and leave your beautiful home as spotless as we found it. Doing the job right takes skill and the right equipment. Here is one of our specially built trucks, sucking the grime out of a chimney and into a safe holding container.

Don’t worry; we will dispose of this dangerous material, leaving you, your family, and your guests safe from chimney fires.

Call QAC today and we will clean your chimney now!

What else can I tell you, friends? Dirty chimneys waste money and chimney fires are serious life-threatening events that are best avoided, and it is easy to avoid them. Contact us here, or call us now at 631-329-5764 and QAC will clean your chimney and keep you and your family safe.